One day my Prince will come ♛
Joona. 20, Katycat from Manila, Philippines.

Life’s not always going to be a gorgeous, cotton candy cloud ride - and maybe you have to be prepared for that.

Katy Perry is L O V E ♥

Katy talking about a picture she posted on instagram earlier today (07.03) at the Prismatic World Tour in London, England - 05.31 (video credit)

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Prismatic World Tour

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Katy Perry - By the Grace of God (Sunrise, Florida 2/7/2014)

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Oh Ed ❤️ you and your songs 🎶🎧😂😍😘 #x

Oh Ed ❤️ you and your songs 🎶🎧😂😍😘 #x


John was taking photos of Katy at the Grammy afterparty

All I needed was a bad bitch.

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CMT Crossroads Commercial

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Marie Claire 2013

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